The Island Of The Pirates

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Description Loot
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  • Number of Players: 1
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Days to complete: 2
  • Player Level: 26+
  • Cost to buy: 150 Map Frags
  • Max XP: 2,752

German Wiki Source

Name / Creator Units Needed Units Lost Experience Gained Link to Guide
Lesssa MMA no blocking 400rec 200cav 120sol 60mil 140Eli 100Can 391Rec N/A Lesssa's Adventure Guide
Evil_J MMA Cannon Guide 173R 3M 3S 169E 183C 115K 175R 2,752 (~15.9 per loss) MMA Cannon Guide - Blocking required
Evil_J 250 Cannon Guide 250R 3M 3S 250E 246C 149K 243R 2,752 (~11.3 per loss) Veteran Cannon Guide - Blocking, Elite and Cannons required
Evil_J 250 Elite Guide 306R 3M 2S 250E 249C 66XB 301R 2,752 (~9.1 per loss) Veteran Elite Guide - Blocking, Elite required
Evil_J 250 Soldier Guide 409R 3M 217S 249C 66XB 409R 2,752 (~6.7 per loss) Veteran Guide - Blocking and XB required
Evil_J Guide 537R 3M 200S 192C 40XB 506R 2,752 (~5.4 per loss) Normal Guide - Blocking and XB required
Uki2012 250 Gen with Blocking 500R 248C 200ES/S(mim 9 ES) 52S(mim) Optional:154K(Cannon) 462R ES/S version 'or' 410R(Cannon Ver) 2,752 Piratessss
Bigrussiaalex 567R 191E 249C 455-567R 2,752 250 ES Island Of The Pirates Guide
Bigrussiaalex 509R 191E 249C 150K 432-509R 2,752 250 ES&K Island Of The Pirates Guide
Voidheartd's Guide 590R 159S 192C 40LB 471-590R 0-12C 2,752 (~5 per loss) Normal Guide
Voidheartd's Guide
with 250 General
574R 198S 249C 460-574R 2,752 (~5 per loss) 250 General Version
Smitey 570R 250C 160K 550R 2,752 Smitey's Island of the Pirates Cannon Guide
Mimori (No Block) 560R 190S 248C 80A (80LB) 557R 2,752 Mimori's Adventure Guide
Mimori (With Block) 423R 190S 248C 80A (80LB) 420R 2,752 Mimori's Adventure Guide - Block Required
Schobbob 483R 249C 254S 39LB 80A 483R 2,752 Schobbob - English blocking guide
SoggyShorts not calculated soldiers 2,752 [1] - pic 10
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